70's Macrame Fashion - You Gotta See This

Macrame is a handmade cotton twine craft created by patiently tying a series of specific knots in repetition. There is an infinite amount of ways you can combine these knot patterns to create a variety of woven creations ranging from interior decor to fashion. Five decades ago, macrame wearables were all the rage. I compiled some clippings to show off the spectacular trends at the peak of 70’s macrame fashion. As you will see, this generation impressively managed to forge macrame for every occasion.

1. Practical Wear

There is no other single item of clothing that I can think of as less practical than pieces of twine hand-knotted together, full of holes. The only practical use for macrame would be for catching fish. This lady literally had to wear an entire outfit underneath the macrame dress because it was so useless. But maybe even practicality is relative - it was in fact the era of the sexual revolution. Easy access?


2. Bar Star Macrame Tops

Considering the amount of drugs they were doing in the 70's, it is quite impressive to me how innocent they were able to make partying look. Get a couple of crafty moms together wearing their handmade threads, hang a disco ball and we have a par-tay!


3. Elegant Macrame Dresses

Resting-bitch-face was not invented recently. As history shows, us females have been capable of fake smiles and a look that will expose your deepest insecurities for decades, while looking fab I might add.


4. Couples Macrame "Rib Ticklers"

The only thing I want tickling ribs is my tongue at Big T's BBQ - not these tiny macrame crop tops and definitely not this creep drooling over her shoulder. *shudder*


5. Manly Men Macrame Sportswear

Can ya dig it? Thought macrame was only for women and pervs? No way José! Okay, so maybe this falls in to the category of other woven goods like knitting or loom, but it was too good not to include! The woven poncho was clearly muy caliente, particularly when paired with a classic barefoot. You definitely don't get any fiercer than wearing a lace-up tunic while holding a volleyball ...or just a tunic. No shorts? No problem. This was the hippy era man, they let it alllll hang out.


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Kathryn Kozody