Chunky Yarn

Chunky Yarn


This yarn is perfect for arm knitting modern chunky scarves, rugs and blankets to keep you warm, plan a ladies night in, or gift to a friend!

  • 250g per ball
  • Yarn weight: 5 Bulky
  • Hypoallergenic synthetic wool/viscose blend
  • Extremely soft and silky feel
  • 1 ball will make 1 scarf
  • Use 3-4 balls for a blanket

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(Images of blankets are just example photos of what you can create with the yarn. They were not made using this specific yarn so the outcome may vary.)

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Arm Knitting Instructions

Whether you're planning a ladies night in or want to cozy up with some wine to arm knit & Netflix, our instruction booklet is the perfect guide to take you from stitches to scarves. It offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions with matching images. This booklet also includes a bonus blanket pattern to make beautiful, modern throws. 

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